Amazon’s Breakaway is on indefinite hiatus, probably close to canceled


Amazon Game Studios' first title, the MOBA… err… 4v4 sports arena brawler Breakaway could be on the verge of being canceled.

According to Kotaku, two people close to the game revealed that Breakaway is on “indefinite hiatus”. Breakaway went through several alpha tests, but since the last one on September 28, there were no more news on the game.

Here is the official Amazon Game Studios statement about the current situation of Breakaway:

“We wanted to inform you about an important change to our plans for Breakaway.

As you know, Breakaway was in Public Alpha from June to the end of September. It’s thrilling to play and co-design the game with this fantastic community. Your passion is one of the reasons we believe so strongly in Breakaway.

Over the course of the Alpha we received a lot of feedback from you that we’re taking to heart. In order to get it right, we’re letting our team take the time to iterate and evolve Breakaway’s core gameplay to deliver what you’ve asked for. We aren’t sure how long this will take, but we think it’s the right thing to do for the game, and you, the community.

We won’t be hosting Alpha matches during this time, but we still want to hear your ideas for how to improve the game, and we’ll share our ideas for your feedback.

Thanks again for your continued passion!”

Amazon Game Studios' Breakaway is one of three games announced by the studio, the other two being open-world survival game New World and battle royale game Crucible. It's the only one that was in active testing for a while now, but despite aiming high at the competitive scene and featuring some interesting Twitch integration, it never really stood out from the crowd.

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