American Truck Simulator free weekend on Steam will make you forget Death Stranding

American Truck Simulator free weekend

Starting right now, you have three days to take advantage of the American Truck Simulator free weekend on Steam. This time you don't get to keep the game, but this should be enough time for you to realize just how awesome it is to be a virtual trucker. Just check those Steam reviews if you need convincing that American Truck Simulator is a great game, even if you're not a fan of playing as a delivery man. Hey, isn't that what Death Stranding is all about?

Besides, with all the great games being released right now, it's hard not to burn a hole in your wallet. There's Kojima's Death Stranding and Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2, not to mention Need For Speed Heat if you prefer zipping around in supercars.

If you enjoy your time with American Truck Simulator, you can purchase it at 75% off, which makes it a great deal.

As for the Death Stranding comparisons, they may verge a bit on the silly side, but it's all a matter of delivering cargo. If you make it on foot or by riding a hulking steel machine, the choice is up to you. Enjoy the American Truck Simulator free weekend right now on Steam.


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