Anime action RPG Blank City is shutting down next month

Blank City

Blank City had a short run, being available for less than a year in a few select regions. This SoulWorker clone for mobile looked stunning, standing as a decent anime action RPG with a female-only cast of characters.

Stella (Umbral Wings), Shizuka (Lightning Blade), and Luna (Midnight Full Moon) were Blank City's poster girls, with more anime girls to be unlocked and controlled in the arenas. Sadly, it was only playable in Southeast Asian countries and even using a VPN wasn't a guarantee that you could try the game.

Today, developer Fiero Games announces the closure of Blank City, set for October 1, 2019. They didn't advance any reason for their decision, but end the service “with a heavy heart.” It's safe to assume that Blank City wasn't profitable and the team couldn't keep on focusing resources on its continued development and frequent new character releases.

As far as mobile action games go, Blank City did look alright. It wasn't anything close to Honkai Impact 3rd, but you could do a lot worse than this. But not anymore, with the October 1 shutdown.

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