Anime brawler KurtzPel enters global Early Access today

Anime KurtzPel global early access

KurtzPel is now available in Europe and Asia, following on its initial North American and South American launches. It's Early Access nonetheless, which means that KOG's anime brawler will continue under heavy scrutiny for most of 2019, at least.

During the first month of Early Access, KOG unlocked the Blazing Fists and Diabolic Witch Karmas, added stat redistribution and allowed the purchase of supply boxes with in-game currency. A screenshot mode was recently added to hide the UI and capture better pictures.

Future plans include the creation of a friend list system, an Emote system, new Karma (probably Dual Souls), a guild system, improvements on the Conquest mode and more.

The global Early Access announcement is right here.


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