Caravan Stories hits PlayStation 4 in North America on September 10

Caravan Stories

Caravan Stories, the anime MMORPG that is currently available in Japan on PC and mobile devices, is coming to PlayStation 4 consoles in North America.

The anime MMO is going to be free-to-play and supports  English text and Japanese audio. Caravan Stories' developer, Aiming Inc., was founded in 2011 and developed games such as Red Stone and Three Kingdoms.

“We’ve poured years into perfecting the world of Caravan Stories,” said Masahiko Takeuchi, PS4 Game Director, Aiming Inc. “Our new release date gave us enough extra time to fine-tune the experience for adventurers to begin writing their stories. We’re eager to see the tales our players write with their friends as they begin their journeys through Iyarr.”


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