Anime MMORPG Caravan Stories travels for PS4 release

Caravan Stories

The anime MMORPG Caravan Stories has just reached its launch destination. It is now available in North America for all PlayStation 4 owners.

With over two million players in Japan, where the anime MMO is also available on PC, Caravan Stories is a vibrant world where a team of heroes sets out to face despicable threats. The game features Japanese audio and English subtitles.

“Caravan Stories gives players countless ways to write a story all their own,” said Masahiko Takeuchi, PS4 Game Director, Aiming Inc. “With so many possible parties to form and ways to customize the adventure, the story of Iyarr is told by our players. PS4 players in North America will shape this world for years to come, and we look forward to weaving a new tale with them.”


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