Ankama teases something big for Waven, could it be open alpha?

Ankama Waven open alpha

Fans of Dofus and Wakfu will find it difficult to contain their excitement, as French studio Ankama continues development on Waven. Waven is the third major MMORPG for the studio and is set in the same universe as the aforementioned games.

Waven is currently in closed alpha stage, which means that only a select few are able to enjoy its blend of MMORPG and turn-based arena combat. But a recent teaser seems to be pointing at something big for Waven.

While it's difficult to predict with accuracy, some players are hinting at the likeliness of an open alpha test. The image teaser below mentions a July 30, 2019 opening, and considering that a couple of characters are pointing to a gateway, it almost feels like they are inviting us to… you know, get into the game?

Let's hope that is the case. Waven features Ankama's trademark anime character artwork, but it's a step up from Dofus and Wakfu. The major difference is that while the heroes and companions remain in cute and colorful 2D, the environments are now in full 3D, with a focus on blocs. The game world even features smooth day and night cycles, weather effects and a lot more.

Ankama Waven open alpha teaser


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