Ankama’s figurine battler Krosmaster Arena is now live

Krosmaster Arena (sign up here) is a cute anime-styled figurine battler from Ankama inspired by the studios previous efforts Dofus and Wakfu, two acclaimed MMORPGs. Krosmaster Arena has now come full circle, as it began as a physical board game and is now an online board game where you can collect over 100 figurines and use them in battle. Today, November 5, is the day when this game left beta and is now out there for everyone to play.

The beta saw the addition of new maps, more figurines, the introduction of the Adventure mode and plenty of tweaking and fine-tuning. More updates will come, but for now, Krosmaster Arena is out there and ready to welcome players. Take a look at the trailer below to see if this is a game you would like to play.


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