Apple iPhone 11’s showcase game Pascal’s Wager reveals its business model

Pascal’s Wager

During the iPhone 11 announcement, Tipsworks Studio took to the stage to announce a new mobile game showcasing the power of Apple's new phone. Pascal’s Wager is the name of the dark fantasy action RPG.

While the usual comparisons to PC and even console games are seemingly futile, Pascal's Wager looks pretty decent for a mobile game. The Dark Souls vibe is obvious, but it looks limited in many aspects, including freedom of movement – the levels shown so far make it look like a corridor RPG.

One of the things that wasn't revealed during the presentation was the business model, leaving many questions about its possible price. Now, the Pascal's Wager business model has been revealed (via MMOCulture).

The action RPG is going to be free-to-try, which in most cases is a fancy name for free-to-play with microtransactions. However, for Pascal’s Wager this will be a literal thing, since the game won't include microtransactions.

Instead, you have to purchase new chapters for a small sum, or buy the whole chapter package. The story is said to have eight chapters in total, but there will be post-launch story content, as well as PvP and PvE modes.

Free-to-try sounds more like the shareware business model that classic games such as Doom adopted with great success, but without some remarkable quality to show during the first levels, it's doubtful that many players will purchase the following chapters. If this is the best choice for Pascal’s Wager, we're yet to see. 


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