ArcheAge graphics update ‘Shadows Revealed’ looks stunning

ArcheAge graphics update Shadows Revealed

The ArcheAge graphics update coming later this month is going to answer the pleas of many players. Along with the release of the allegedly not pay-to-win ArcheAge Unchained, this ambitious MMORPG is getting a new lease on life.

Called Shadows Revealed, this update is going to drop on September 30 for both versions: the regular free-to-play ArcheAge, and the new buy-to-play ArcheAge Unchained. The trailer below highlights the ArcheAge graphics update in a very confident way, showcasing some “before” and “after” regions to give you a great feel for the improvements.

It's impressive how such an upgrade can make all the difference. The Ynystere village looks pale and drab when compared to the updated version, which is brimming with colors, vegetation, and life. The backgrounds were also deserving of attention, with vastly improved textures and sky boxes, along with new housing designs that make the whole world feel more diverse and colorful.

The Elf character class was the subject of a revision, drastically changing the original look. Hit effects were also revised, now fully taking account of hit direction as well.

The overall reaction of the community to the ArcheAge graphics update is highly positive, with some players pointing that this is what the game needed for them to jump back in. Others are quick to say that this is something that WoW desperately needed for several years.

Watch the ArcheAge Shadows Revealed update trailer below to know what you should expect when it launches on September 30.


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