ArcheAge maker XLGames is working on new Unreal Engine 4 MMORPG

ArcheAge maker XLGames

Korean developer XLGames didn't manage to follow up its hit PC MMORPG ArcheAge with a game of similar success. From mobile spin-offs to the failed Civilization Online, the studio has recently released Moonlight Sculptor for mobile devices. However, some new job offers give us hope that XLGames is working on a new and ambitious MMORPG.

At least that is what we hope for, despite the lack of proper info and even the target platforms. As spotted by MMOCulture, there are two positions that need to be filled: Technical Artist and Concept Artist. One of the requirements for the former is to have experience using Unreal Engine 4 and knowing English.

Still, I wouldn't get my hopes up, since these job offers mean that the game is likely to be very early in development, in the design stage or close. While were speculating here, it could be two or three years before we get an official announcement. That is, if this MMORPG doesn't end up canceled in the meantime.

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