ArcheAge Q&A discusses Revelation and plans for next updates

ArcheAge anniversary

There's a lot going on in ArcheAge right now, with the recent but troubled launch of the Revelation 3.0 update, and players naturally want to know about the state of the game and what is coming soon. In a Q&A with publisher Trion Worlds, we get to know what is happening after the Revelation issues, what is going on with the fresh start servers and what is coming in the next couple of months.

First off, support tickets are through the roof and estimated wait times are between 5 and 7 days, so you know what to expect. As for servers at 600% capacity and why they didn't open more servers, Trion knows by past experience that after the initial rush they will quickly turn into “extremely low population”, so they prefer to hold on as the current two shards seem able to cope with the demand. There are a lot more questions regarding cash shop and features that may or may not end up in the fresh start servers, so if you want give it a look.

As for the upcoming updates, you can expect one in January 25 with a couple new events: The Pawsome Festival is returning and there will be a revenge-themed Valentine's Day event, which sounds nasty but fun. During February, probably in the third week we'll get the Thunderwing Titan (new Auroria world boss) and more from the Revelation 3.0 update. From then on Revelation should be done and it's over to the next big thing, which should be the new Arche update – “Keep an eye on Korea this month to see more.”

If you want to keep an eye on Korea as they said, then see what the Arche update has in store right now.

ArcheAge may be a bit rough around the edges, far from optimized but as far as sandbox MMORPGs go, it's certainly one of the best out there.

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