ArcheAge: Revelation’s launch was a bit of a mess, it’s now “stabilized”

ArcheAge anniversary

If you're an ArcheAge player, you're probably aware of the Revelation update and just how big it was going to be. Planned for a December 10 release, the North America version turned into a bit of a mess, while the European launch went smoothly. Trion Worlds attributed this to the fact that, according to CEO Scott Hartsman, “ArcheAge North America is the largest ArcheAge install globally in the amount of data it needs to deal with. Larger than any of the non-Trion installs by a massive amount, larger than Archeage EU by quite a lot. The software as delivered to us was able to handle the volume of data the other regions, it handled the test data on PTS, and handled EU with a last minute scalability assist from our engineers.”

After plenty of disconnections and restarts, the servers finally went up on Sunday afternoon, but instead of one, players got two fresh start servers, which stirred up the community, scared of having to face another messy and damaging merge in the near future. Despite further crashes, ArcheAge's twitter says that the “servers have stabilized” and compensation packages are being worked on.

This isn't the first time that ArcheAge goes through this kind of issues, but hopefully this one will be solved in a few days.

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