ArcheAge’s Ascension update lets you create your own nation

There's a new update coming to the sandbox MMORPG ArcheAge on May 31 and it's going to be a big one – named Ascension, this update will allow players to build their own nations, with a player acting as Sovereign, up to 10 additional players as their Hero Council, with a series of allied guilds that stand under the nation’s flag. This nation is capable of conquering other castles and claim their territory. Every race will be able to be invited to a nation, unless you're a pirate – no pirates allowed. If you're dreaming of riding a Wyvern, then the Ascension update is also giving you that chance – sovereigns can raise and ride the Golden Wyvern.

For all the juicy details on how to build a nation and ride your own Wyvern just head over to the official Archeage post.

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