Archlord 2 is shutting down in November 2015

One more day, one more shutdown notice. This is beginning to become quite frequent and while we're not happy to see this – as we know a lot of jobs are on the line -, it's becoming more and more evident that only the best games will succeed and last more than a year or two.

Webzen has announced today that Archlord 2 is going to close its doors on November 24, 2015. No reason was revealed for the decision, but as usual it is probably related with a low playerbase to keep the game sustainable. You can still enjoy the game with a lot of free extra buffs before it shuts down in November.

Webzen revealed a few stats about Archlord 2: “Over 300,000 players have logged on to Archlord 2 for a combined total of over 5 million hours (that’s over 580 years!) of play-time.”

Archlord 2 wasn't a bad game, but neither were Dead Island: Epidemic or Infinite Crisis and look just how that turned out.

Webzen is working on bringing a couple of Korean MMORPGs to North America and Europe, namely ELOA (Elite Lord of Alliance) and ASTA: The War of Tears.


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