Arena of Fate first screens and gameplay details

When Crytek announced Arena of Fate, little was known about the gameplay – not a single screenshot was released at the time, only a teaser and a general description on fantasy characters (Frankenstein, Jack the Ripper…) battling historical characters (Nikola Tesla, Joan of Arc…).

We have the first Arena of Fate screenshots for your viewing pleasure and to finally make a definite idea about the viewpoint, which seems to be the usual top-down, isometric perspective but with a slight inclination, if the images are something to go by. As far as gameplay details go (thanks Joystiq), Arena of Fate is a 5v5 MOBA where team work is encouraged and players earn the same amount of golds from kills as long as they are nearby. In a RPG kind of way, heroes level up and can attribute points to passive and active skills. Something really important is that there isn't a store. Last but not least, Arena of Fate has another victory condition besides destroying the enemy base and that is the points system (first team to get 10 points wins), before or when the 20-minute limit per match ends.

You can sign up for the beta at the official website.

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