ArenaNet’s Lead Designer Jennifer Scheurle confirms work on an unannounced project

ArenaNet Lead Designer Jennifer Scheurle

ArenaNet's Lead Designer Jennifer Scheurle has confirmed what everyone was already expecting – the Guild Wars studio is working on a new game. The unannounced project could be related to the recent job offer looking for an Art Director to work on an Unreal Engine 4 console game. Or perhaps it's for Guild Wars 3, but I wouldn't expect a release date to drop for that anytime soon, as this is just speculation.

Scheurle revealed on Twitter that she is the Lead Designer on the new ArenaNet project. Her bio reads “Lead Designer @ArenaNet on unannounced title,” and the Reddit community noticed this detail. However, the poster got it half wrong, saying that Scheurle previously was a Lead Designer on Guild Wars 2, something that isn't correct, as she clarified:

“I saw this Reddit thread crop up about me leaving GW2 as lead designer and I'd like to clarify that this is inaccurate information since I have never been a designer on GW2.”

In a tweet from January 7, Scheurle also said that there are many people working on Guild Wars content. In case you're wondering about the fate of Guild Wars 2, perhaps this will make you sleep easier:

“PS: Sorry to everybody who sent nice compliments to me for GW2 content the past year – but I actually don't work on that, I work on this new team. Also, please be nice to the many, MANY people working on GW to make the best content for you, still. <3”

It's great to know that ArenaNet is working on new projects, considering that 2019 wasn't a good year, with over 100 employees being laid off. Let's hope that 2020 brings some solid news on the studio's new game, and we trust Lead Designer Jennifer Scheurle to contribute with some great decisions to the game. Who knows, perhaps her love of wrestling might even translate into some of the combat mechanics?

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