Arisha: new character coming to Mabinogi Heroes aka Vindictus

Mabinogi Heroes, known as Vindictus in North America and Europe is going to get a new character soon. Before the South Korean official announcement which was expected this summer, the character has already leaked and is known as Arisha. There's still a chance that Arisha's look might change until the official launch, but this is how she's looking right now. Check some images and a dancing video below.

Arisha's main weapon is a longblade and she has quite a lot of variations. Holden's Vindictus Blog has a lot more on Arisha, from weapons to skill list and emotes, among other stuff.

We'll be waiting for Arisha to be released in the NA and EU versions, but this should take quite a few months.

arisha (1)

arisha (2)

arisha (3)

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  • Vince

    Looks fantastic! Although I’m really hoping that DevCat doesn’t gender lock their character classes in future games. You just know that, statistically, there have to be a ton of guys online, but all around you is a sea of hot girls in-game. Personally, I find that weird.

    I’m quite enjoying Vindictus myself at the moment. Trying to get into it, and the combat is a blast. I’m spending some time trying out the different characters first though, and I’m just starting out trying Lynn, the last new character. Just gotta come to terms with the cash shop (it is pricey), and I think I’m hooked. The “meat and potatoes” content does all seem to be offered up genuinely freely, though perhaps some grinding is involved to get it all. But hey, a little co-op makes that easier to swallow 😀

    It’s a good game. Glad they’re keeping up on content! I look forward to playing it from time-to-time for a long time.

    Though I don’t think I’ll EVER understand how this possibly has anything to do with Mabinogi. Jeez louise; those are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT looking games! And when DevCat was working on Mabinogi 2/Mabinogi Arena, it was even worse pushing it into Vindictus’ direction. I just don’t get why this isn’t it’s own IP elsewhere in the world, and not just in North America.

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    • freemmostation

      I agree about the name confusion, they should completely separate the Mabinogi and Vindictus names/focus 🙂

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  • Ginters

    Well i in in EU ,mby latvia , becuase the game is not appropriate or something , report them , cuz i cannot play this awesome game cuz its frkin RESTRICTED :@

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    Rating: 3.7/10 (3 votes cast)
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