Arisha is about to whip somebody’s behind with her second Mabinogi Heroes weapon

Arisha second weapon

I'ts been a while since we talked about the lovely and deadly Arisha here, but now it's time to fix that. One of the impressive characters from the action MMORPG Vindictus (known in its original Korean version as Mabinogi Heroes), she is about to get all your attention soon.

Nexon has just announced that Arisha is about to get her second weapon. They're not saying exactly when this is going to happen, but a cinematic teaser is available for you to get excited about. In it, Arisha steadily and confidently walks down the hallway while displaying her magnificent and destructive whip. There is no info or actual gameplay on this weapon so far, but the teaser below should be enough to make you imagine just how awesome the whip is going to be.

Also, masochistic whip jokes. Plenty of them will pop up soon, I'm pretty sure.

This weapon should find its way into Vindictus in a few months, so stay tuned.

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