ARMA developer Bohemia Interactive reveals free FPS Argo

File this under “unexpected”. Bohemia Interactive has just revealed the hardcore tactical first-person shooter Argo, in which players step into the shoes of a mercenary and fight across various locations of a 62 km² terrain in an island called Malden. The developers of the ARMA series and other serious, tactical shooters such as Operation Flashpoint – and let's not forget, they are the ones behind DayZ – plans on having this game on Steam starting June 22, 2017, and for the amazing price of absolutely nothing. Best of all, it won't even include microtransactions, so you're actually getting the full game for free, but you can support the game by purchasing an Argo Supporter's Pack, which includes some special end of match animations and other things.

Argo started as an experimental total conversion of Arma 3 and eventually evolved into its own competitive tactical first-person shooter, which you can already try by playing the prototype. As you've come to expect from the studio, a single, well-placed bullet is enough to bring a soldier down in any of the three competitive 5v5 game modes (Clash, Link, and Raid) or the cooperative sandbox game mode which includes randomized objectives.

Head over to the official website for more info on the new shooter Argo.

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