Armored Warfare introduces the Russian BMP-2 has revealed the BMP-2, one of the most famous Russian infantry fighting vehicles, which will also be part of the upcoming tank combat game Armored Warfare. The video below tells you a bit about its history and abilities, and you can also read the official description:

“The BMP-2 is a tier 4 IFV in Armored Warfare, capable of fulfilling reconnaissance duties and under certain circumstances of even knocking out enemy tanks. Its automatic cannon is effective against lightly armored vehicles such as light tanks and artillery and its anti-tank guided missile system can deal with almost any foe it encounters on the battlefield. Last but not least, it’s possible to equip the BMP-2 with smoke grenade launchers…”

You can do just like over 500.000 other players and sign up for the upcoming Armored Warfare closed beta.


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