Play with art with the free-to-play sandbox MMO Occupy White Walls

Occupy White Walls sandbox mmorpg

Talk about niche, right? I haven't talked about Occupy White Walls before, so this is the time to fix that glaring mistake. This is an original sandbox MMO about creating your own museum and curating its contents. Can you feel the excitement already?

Kudos are in order as the developers wanted to create something out of the ordinary, some sort of Landmark but with an art theme. You have thousands of elements at your disposal and you can create art wherever you want to – even in remote places such as a desert, a metro station or in outer space.

Occupy White Walls even dabbles a bit with AI, with an assistent called DAISY. She will observe what you like and suggest pieces based on your personal taste. Obviously, your creations are there to be appreciated by your friends, as this game as a heavy social focus – invite other players to see your art and go check out their designs.

Occupy White Walls is as much an experiment as it is a game. It's free-to-play and currently in Early Access, so if you like to feel stimulated once in a while – instead of tab-targeting orcs or goblins for hours on end -, give it a shot. Who knows, maybe you can become the next… er… I can't think of any famous art curator, sorry.


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