New Ascendant One characters include Thanos-lookalike Kronos

Ascendant One characters Kronos

Nexon and DevCAT revealed another pack of three characters from their upcoming Ascendant One MOBA. Once again, this showcase is full of shiny armor bits and ‘who's the man' poses.

The stars of this video are Medusa, Kronos and Poseidon, keeping up with the sci-fi meets gods theme of Ascendant One. Kronos looks quite a bit like Thanos, but I'm pretty sure that is just a coincidence. Every new video that is released makes me think just how much in common this game is going to have with Epic Games' canceled MOBA Paragon – hopefully it will bring something new to the genre, and by that I don't mean another rehash of the oh-so-exciting Battle Royale genre.

Hopefully we'll get to see some Ascendant One gameplay really soon, because showing characters without a game to imagine them isn't the best of ideas.

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