Ascendant One gameplay video released, can you guess how it looks?

Ascendant One gameplay video

After a few character trailers, DevCAT has finally revealed the first official gameplay footage from its upcoming MOBA Ascendant One. While the trailers looked a lot like what Epic Games did with Paragon, we were very curious about how the game would look like. Third-person? First-person? Top-down? Text adventure?

I'm kidding with the last one, obviously. But now everyone knows that Ascendant One is played from a top-down perspective, much like a graphically advanced League of Legends, or a better-looking Master X Master. It looks pretty good from a technical point of view, and there are some impressive, flashy and destructive skills on display, but will it be able to face the heavy competition? Some players are expressing their disappointment because they thought that Ascendant One would be the next Paragon, but is it really a problem?

Ascendant One will be released in Korea for PC in the second half of 2018, most likely through an Early Access program.

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