Ascendant One reveals three… I mean, two more characters, Minotaur included

ascendant one hestia

Minotaurs really don't look anything like they used to, at least in the sci-fi world of Ascendant One. I mean, I surely wasn't expecting it to be some sort of heavily armored and armed mechanized bull, but I guess such is the world of Nexon's MOBA.

Minotauros A1 is one of the stars of the new Ascendant One character video, and for the first time this showcase only features two characters, instead of the previous three for every video, for example this one. The other god is Hestia, a female, and she looks like she just came out of Blizzard's Starcraft – even better, the canceled Starcraft: Ghost, as she somewhat resembles Nova.

If you want to see how Ascendant One actually looks during gameplay, you just have to watch this video.

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