Ascendant One is Vindictus developer’s upcoming PC sci-fi MOBA

Ascendant One PC MMO

DevCat is the developer of the Mabinogi series, which includes Vindictus (a.k.a. Mabinogi Heroes) and the studio is controlled by Nexon. Now they have officially announced their latest game, a PC sci-fi MOBA called Ascendant One.

Wait, what? A MOBA? Aren't they a bit late to the party? I guess they didn't get the memo about Battle Royale being the hottest thing since 2017. Anyway, Ascendant One it is, and the various stages of Early Access are already planned in Korea for the second half of 2018. Sadly, there's no screenshot of gameplay footage in sight, only the brief and enigmatic teaser that you see below. Will Ascendant One play from a third or first-person perspective just like Transformers Universe, or will it go for a top-down approach such as Supernova? Oddly enough, both those games were canceled.

We'll stay on the lookout for further info on Ascendant One.

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