Ascent: Infinite Realm trailer shows the classes in action

Ascent Infinite Realm classes trailer Inventus

It's been a while since we've had a new Ascent: Infinite Realm trailer, but here is one to remind us of Bluehole's new steampunk fantasy MMORPG. This time we can take a good look at the five available classes and how they behave in combat. It's tab-target, in case you are wondering.

The five classes in question are Warlord, Sorceress, Mystic, Assassin and Gunslinger. You can watch them in that exact order. The trailer was posted by YouTuber Ser Medieval and reported by

On a related note, the official A:IR forums have an official piece of info detailing the Inventus. This is a giant airship that serves as a city in the sky:

“This month we are giving you a little bit of info about the Inventus, a giant airship which you will become fairly familiar with as you traverse the environments of Ascent: Infinite Realm.

The Inventus is a giant airship that serves as a city in the sky. During the invasion by the Black Heralds, the people of Nousgard realized that they would need to evacuate their beloved home before they fell to the mechanical monsters.

By utilizing the technologies learned by their ancestors past, the Nous people constructed the Inventus.

Despite the Inventus being first and foremost an evacuation ship, there is more than meets the eye. The main quest will reveal blue skies and open vast areas as you discover new lands.

The Inventus was created to provide a sense of awe and progression. We hope you enjoy flying freely in the open skies on the Inventus airship.”

Ascent Infinite Realm classes trailer Inventus


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