Ascent: Infinite Realm is accepting Korean closed beta applications soon

Ascent Infinite Realm Korean beta

I can't say for how long Krafton – previously Bluehole – has been working on Ascent: Infinite Realm. The steampunk fantasy MMORPG recently entered open beta in Thailand, something that isn't as unusual as you may think – this is one of the few regions where most publishers like to soft-launch or test their games before releasing it on a wider scale.

Closed beta applications will run from May 29 to June 19 in Korea (thanks MMOCulture). You can watch the new Ascent: Infinite Realm closed beta trailer below.

Ascent: Infinite Realm is known for its gameplay, which takes place both on the ground and up in the skies. You and other players control steampunk ships and enter massive battles that will need to be extremely optimized, as the early A:IR trailers left players a bit jaded, with their constant stuttering and frame rate drops. There are five classes to choose from and a few races, including one furry race, for some reason.

A western release is confirmed by publisher Kakao Games. The official English Ascent: Infinite Realm website is live for some time now.


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