Ash Tale: The Continent of the Wind is the new game from Aura Kingdom makers

Ash Tale: The Continent of the Wind

A few years ago, Taiwanese developer X-Legend was one of the most promising studios in the MMORPG business. A steady delivery of cute anime MMOs ticking all the right boxes brought it some attention. You probably know or have played at least one of the following games: Eden Eternal, Grand Fantasia, Aura Kingdom, Dragomon Hunter or Twin Saga. Curious about what the team was up to next, we discovered that its latest game is called Ash Tale: The Continent of the Wind.

Much like nearly everyone else, X-Legend decided to switch to mobile to stay afloat, and its latest game is designed with portable devices in mind. However, it can also be played on PC, although it won't be a full-fledged experience.

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Ash Tale: The Continent of the Wind is another colorful anime MMORPG, similar to X-Legend's previous games. Too similar, you might say, as I recall reading some community comments a while ago accusing the developers of regularly reusing their own assets. I don't want to go into that controversy, so I'll just focus on what Ash Tale: The Continent of the Wind seems to bring to the genre.

This MMORPG is described as a Dramatic Action RPG for PC and smartphones and is already available in Japan since April 2019. You can choose a class such as Fighter, Priest or Wizard, with advancement classes such as Paladin and Berserker available as you level up. The demon army The Seven Deadly Sins is apparently responsible for all the evil in the game world.

Ash Tale is an MMORPG that is as much about combat as it is focused on life skills. You can start your own farm when you reach level 30, harvesting crops or fishing in a relaxed way. Graphically, Ash Tale looks like a cute anime MMO, but it isn't groundbreaking.

We wouldn't expect to see it reaching the west, as no release date has been announced. In fact, X-Legend seems to have given up on western territories altogether. Take a look at the trailer below to get an idea about the game.

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