Astellia Korean closed beta test date and full trailer revealed

Astellia second closed beta

A few days ago after we reported the announcement of the Astellia Korean closed beta date, but as it turned out, it was in fact the “announcement of the sign-ups for the closed beta.” Now Nexon and Barunson released a new and full closed beta trailer to get players in the spirit of what's to come on June 20, when the Astellia closed beta begins in Korea. Actually, the trailer is only one minute long, but should give you a good idea of the environments, characters and overall art style of the game. Yep, it's like TERA and Bless Online just had a baby.

If you want to sign up for the Astellia Korean closed beta you have to head over to the official website. It's over there that you can also take a look at the five classes available (Warrior, Archer, Rogue, Scholar and Mage) and learn about the Astell, which are separated under Guardians (more powerful) and Servants. Currently there are 32 Astell cards revealed, 5 for the Guardians and 27 for the Servants, which you can summon in battle, hence Astellia being an MMORPG with TCG elements.

Astellia runs on the Unreal Engine 3, the same as Bless Online, and there isn't a western release confirmed yet.

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