Astellia free weekend will give you a taste of the new MMORPG

Astellia free weekend

If you're on the verge about purchasing Barunson's new buy-to-play MMORPG, the upcoming Astellia free weekend should be perfect to help you make up your mind.

Running from Friday, November 1 through November 4, the free weekend is open to everyone who creates an account and uses the included trial code. Waiting for you in Astellia are five classes: Warrior, Assassin,  Mage, Scholar, and Archer. You can participate in the campaign or fight your friends in PvP, as well as seeing the end of the ongoing Halloween event.

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Described as a classical MMORPG and for good reason, Astellia is a Korean game that doesn't break new ground. However, the introduction of the Astels is interesting; the little creatures are your companions, helping you out in battle. You can have up to three Astels by your side, but these will consume the Astel bar in a few seconds, so it is recommended to keep only one of the companions by your side when you don't need additional firepower.

To participate in the Astellia free weekend, follow the steps below and insert the free trial code ASTELLIAFREETRIAL when prompted:

  • Visit the Official Astellia Website.
  • Create an account and sign in to the account management.
  • Navigate to the “Coupon” section.
  • Enter the provided code below and click ‘Redeem Now’.
  • A confirmation message will appear and their account will now be able to access Astellia for the Free Weekends.


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