Astellia gameplay from dungeon run shows Astel system in detail

Astellia gameplay

The first Korean Astellia Online closed beta has already ended and while it was fairly short – only five days -, it was enough to get a general idea about the Astellia gameplay. We already knew that it looked like a mix of TERA and Bless Online visually speaking, but we also like to compare the Astel summoning to what Peria Chronicles is planning on doing.

The video below shows a full Astellia dungeon run, and while the basic combat is far from groundbreaking, the Astel summoning adds something to the game. Divided into Guardians and Servants, the Astel can be summoned to help you in battle. The Guardian Astel that you can see in the second video is huge and extremely powerful, but will only stay with you for a few minutes. As for Servant Astel, they will stick around for the duration of the mana bar, but if you summon two, or three (the maximum number), the mana will be depleted in less than a minute or two. You can hang around with one Servant for as long as you like, so consider it a pet.

Astellia Online is developed by Barunson and published by Nexon. The developers confirmed a North American release for late 2018 but they're still on the fence about a free-to-play or buy-to-play business model. Do you think Astellia has the makings of an MMORPG you would buy?

Watch Steparu‘s Astellia gameplay from a dungeon run and Guardian Angel Warrior videos below.

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