Astellia second closed beta is coming later this month

Astellia second closed beta

We finally have some news on Astellia, one of Nexon's upcoming MMORPGs. Developer Barunson has just announced the second closed beta date, and it's not a day too soon.

Why, well, because the first closed beta took place in June 2017, running for just a few days. It's almost a year between betas, so either they had to revamp and polish a lot of things, or added a ton of new content. Maybe both.

Anyway, the second Korean beta is planned for March 27 and runs until April 9. The official Astellia website has more details, including the mention of a couple of beta events.

Barunson and Nexon have said before that a late 2018 release in North America was likely, but right now that goal seems completely unreachable – late 2019 could be a good option. They also mentioned that Astellia could be buy-to-play, but let's hope that more studios realize that not everyone is able to be the next Black Desert Online. Let's see how Bless Online turns out first, as they're also mentioning the possibility of buy-to-play.

Astellia is a familiar MMORPG with the added gimmick of Astels, or creatures that you can collect and use in combat, in a card game kind of mechanic.

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