Nexon’s PC MMORPG Astellia shows its races dance to some cat music

Astellia shows its races

Don't ask me… Well, maybe I can shed some light on that headline. Nexon's Astellia is ramping up its promotion and there is a cat dance event running until tomorrow, November 28.

But what interests us the most in all this is the new video that was just released, where some of Astellia's races dance to this cat music. It's suitably filled with plenty of ‘meows' and quite bubbly, if you like your K-Pop tunes. It's damn cute, maybe too damn cute if you're getting tired of loli characters (one of them looks a lot like a TERA Elin), which comprise the most of this short video.

Astellia looks like a cross between TERA and Aion, and the first closed betas showed a somewhat traditional but good looking MMORPG. While far from groundbreaking as this early gameplay shows, this could turn out to be a competent game where CCG elements also play a part – you collect cards (Astel) that are divided into Guardians and Servants, which you can summon during battle to help you out for a limited time.

Last year Barunson said that a North American release is planned for Astellia, but the Korean version has to be up to par before anything like that happens.

Here is the cat dance video, and below a bonus: a nice CGI intro for Astellia.

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