Astral Realm: new MMORPG from Aura Kingdom makers

Astral Realm is the new anime MMORPG in the works at X-Legend Entertainment, the Taiwanese studio that brought us Eden Eternal, Aura Kingdom and Dragon Slayer. The latter still hasn't released in English territories, something that was somewhat expected considering the previous games earned a western release. The Taiwan closed beta begins May 7 and the open beta is expected during the summer, and although a release in Japan is highly likely, there's still no news for western territories.

Astral Realm follows the same style of previous X-Legend games, taking an anime approach that, just as with Dragon Slayer, uses chibi characters and very colorful environments. There are nine classes to begin with and just as with Eden Eternal, you can change between them anytime and manage to retain the experience level. The classes can be translated to Paladin, Swordsman, Wizard, Sorcerer, Hunter, Sage, Ranger, Assassin and Gladiator.

While everything sounds familiar so far, Astral Realm has a cool feature in the shape of mobile housing, as you can see in the screen below – a giant creature will carry your house around, so you're never stuck in one place. We decidedly need more info on this (such as the places where you can set your house), but we already know that the house can be upgraded in three levels, providing you with different abilities, such as alchemy and cooking.


Astral Realm is unlikely to set the world on fire, but as far as X-Legend games go, this is probably going to be another decent MMORPG.





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