Atlas Reactor is live with a free mode

Trion Worlds' turn-based arena brawler Atlas Reactor is now live. Focusing on a PvP experience, Atlas Reactor stars are the Freelancers, characters with a great degree of personality and special abilities. It's a fairly unique game, but one that went through a few changes of heart during development – it started as free-to-play, switched to buy-to-play, and finally launches as B2P with a deep free mode.

The Atlas Reactor launch brings a new map called The Omni Core, the new Freelancer Juno and more Overcons, or ways to express yourself in-game. On October 18, an Halloween event will kick off, bringing more cosmetics and a new Freelancer. Later on, the Ranked Season will start and new content will come steadily, mostly with new Freelancers, but also game modes, maps and more.

You can try Atlas Reactor for free and if you want to unlock all the Freelancers and have access to tournaments, you have to buy the game.

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