Atlas Reactor is now a free-to-play game again, starting today

Atlas Reactor shutting down

We won't go through all the drama that Atlas Reactor has suffered once again – for that you can read our summary here; instead, we're celebrating the fact that today is the day when this turn-based strategy game became free-to-play and available for everyone once more. This update also brought a new freelancer, Brynn, The Skywarden, a mid-ranged character that brings a big-ass spear with her. You can check her abilities here.

The free-to-play switch also brings to Atlas Reactor a new currency called Flux that can be used to purchase or unlock new Freelancers, mod tokens, master skins and additional loadout slots. You can also purchase individual Freelancers with prices ranging from $2.99 to $7.49 or buy Freelancer packs.

Now that Atlas Reactor is right back at free-to-play as it should have always been, you can sign up and play through here.

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