Aura Kingdom 2 global release revealed, pre-registration opens

Aura Kingdom 2 global release

X-Legend Entertainment has revealed its plans for an Aura Kingdom 2 global release. The first game was one of the biggest hits for the Taiwanese studio, releasing on PC at a time when players weren't bored with the whole fantasy setting. Is this game going to change anything, especially considering that it is targeting mobile platforms?

X-Legend is going to self-publish Aura Kingdom 2 worldwide. The game features an open world approach and includes four classes with no gender-lock: Shinobi, Dragoon, Nymph, and Elementalist. The companions called Eidolons are making a comeback, with over 40 creatures to collect and use in card game style mechanics.

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One of the features that is being strongly advertised is the Aura Kingdom 2 customization options. X-Legend says that no player has to look alike, with a character creation system that allows you to adjust size, angle, and placement of every object. As examples, you can place cat ears on your forehead, and wings growing out of your bum. Yes, this is official blurb, we didn't make this up. Get creative and make your character stand out from the crowd.

You can pre-register for Aura Kingdom 2 on Android and iOS, with some special rewards planned for those willing to sign up. An event to invite your friends is also taking place, with extra rewards.

With the recent increase in quality for mobile MMORPGs due to the launch of Black Desert Mobile and Dragon Raja, Aura Kingdom 2 doesn't seem to have an easy task ahead. It could earn some success in SEA thanks to the reputation of the first game, but it will be much more difficult to carve a spot in the western market. We'll see how it goes when the Aura Kingdom 2 download is available, possibly later this year – there is no official Aura Kingdom 2 global release date so far.

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