The Aurora World shuts down on November 24

Another one bites the dust. GBE Games just announced that the free MMORPG The Aurora World is about to shut down as of November 24th, 2014. The publisher said the following on the official website:

“The game showed a lot of promise during its inception, and we have had a lot of fun pushing the game to its peak. But overtime it has been unable to maintain a large enough audience to create a reasonable and enjoyable environment for all players. The Aurora World is a great game, we believe we have not drawn its potential to what it is deserved, it is a tough decision made for us to shut down the game.

For most that have continued their support of the game (especially the die-hards), it's truly upsetting to inform you all of this closure. We sincerely apologize to our amazing community that we were unable to provide the enjoyment that you all deserve. GBE Games' is extremely proud and thankful to have amassed such a following and fortunate enough to have worked together with a few as well.”

We made a first look on The Aurora World last year, when it was the new kid on the block, and it's safe to say that it left us a bit unimpressed, to say the least. If you want to refresh your memory, watch the video below.

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  • chris29

    becomes a pattern lately, stopping games especially mmorpg, some companies have closed a few games lately, I think the world begins to be weary of the same story, kill the thing to pass, or kill something just does not move on to make money, or, especially monsters that resets their lives if they run too much, or kill me, lately PKfree (here’s a green area. Sometimes it’s funny if you’re the ones who make pk, and not funny if you’re from the other side not having a button to exit or enter the pk). there are plenty of games to choose this pattern. besides maybe hack and slash, some companies may add something puzzels , I do not know, to make the player to be more attracted to the main story than the secondary, graphics quality does not solve the problem, burn video card and CPU to kill the same mobs thousands of times, at some point it becomes stressful and tiring. (prefer a weaker game graphics and more exciting than one that demands the latest technology on the PC and that have no story to follow)
    A short list of games that I played, and that seem appealing to me right now is:
    TERA (good graphics, battlegrounds and cool events)
    PWI (medium graphics, 5aps,alot of lifesteal, infinite stealth, store items can be traded via auctioner or self shop )
    WO jp(hardcore,medium graphics, can transfer skills from one class to another , mobs and bosses does not regen health even if u die but neither you,can avoid atacks even if u targeted, mobs cant see u if you sit back and around the corner )
    ARCHEAGE (here do not know what to say, the game promises to be a huge success, but throwing a donkey and a few farms there, nah, who am I kidding, nothing new, TERA graphics and PWI gameplay pretty much)

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    • freemmostation

      Can’t agree more when you say that we’re all getting tired of the same mechanics. I’m baffled to see some pay-to-win 2D MMOs getting hundreds of thousands of players…

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      • Miki

        well it seams that whole company shutdown and bring down Heroes of the obelisk 🙁
        good game wrong company :/

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        • freemmostation

          Well, it certainly looks like it. 😐

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