Auto Chess is the new Auto Battler from the makers of Dota Auto Chess

Auto Chess Drodo Studio

So, do you miss Battle Royale games already? No? Then have another Auto Battler game, maybe this will change your mind.

If that headline didn't make your head hurt, you're in luck, because in a few weeks everyone will run out of names containing the words “auto” and “chess”.

Auto Chess is developed by Drodo Studio, makers of the original Auto Chess mode for Valve's Dota 2. Ultimately, the companies parted ways, with Valve releasing Dota Underlords and Drodo getting ready to launch its own Auto Chess. It's all becoming a blur, really.

Auto Chess is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and the board looks nice, although the character design is divisive to say the least. It is bound to launch via the Epic Games Store and the alpha test for PC is coming later this week. You can already sign up at the official website, and being unlimited means that everyone will surely get in the alpha test.

Are you excited for Auto Chess? Or do you prefer Tencent's Chess Rush, released today? Maybe you want to stick with the two forefathers of the genre (not mentioning Dota Auto Chess), Dota Underlords and League of Legends Teamfight Tactics?

Isn't there a way to make all these games auto battle themselves to see which one comes out on top?


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