Awesomenauts is going free-to-play in May

Ronimo Games' Awesomenauts is going free-to-play in less than a month, on May 24 to be precise. This cool 2D MOBA with cartoon graphics doesn't disappoint – just check the ‘Very Positive‘ Steam reviews if you need further proof. This is a 3v3 action platformer game that we may compare with Nexon's Hyper Universe, except for the more cartoonish visuals of Awesomenauts, of course.

When the update 4.0 lands on May 24 and the game goes free-to-play, all those who have played Awesomenauts before April 26th will automatically be rewarded ‘Founder’ status, which should get you an exclusive portrait and medal, as well as every character that you already unlocked. Even better, if you also own both expansions before the switch, you'll get the ‘All Nauts Pack', which grants you every ‘Naut, past and future. You'll also be able to unlock new stuff such as Custom Portraits, Droppods and Medals, there's a new match intro and scoreboard, a revamped tutorial and you can say hi to Awesomepoints, which you gain while playing and can use to purchase ‘Nauts, among other things.

Take a look at the big changes here.


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