AxE: Alliance vs Empire celebrates its 100-day anniversary with gifts and content

AxE Alliance vs Empire content

The mobile MMORPG AxE: Alliance vs Empire is celebrating its 100-day anniversary with a host of new content, special events and a few in-game gifts as well.

The addition of 150 player PvP battles is probably the highlight. Here is the entire list of the festivities:

• 150 Player PvP Golden Dragon Battles: In the new massive PvP mode, two teams of 75 players will battle to defeat a massive Golden Dragon, with the team that deals the most damage to the beast winning epic in-game rewards.

• Special attendance rewards for players that log in over 28 days:
 – Each day that new and existing players log in to AxE they can expect rewards of some of the most powerful gear in the game, including wings, a mythic armor, and a mythic weapon.
 – Returning players (those who haven’t logged in for 15 days) get a pair of wings, a mythic armor and a mythic weapon, as well as a unique pet.
• New Dungeon: Players can now test their skills by delving into a new map area the Pallid Snowfields, a frozen and dangerous dungeon.

• Event Achievement: Each day that players complete the Field of Honor they will be rewarded with 20 Enhancement Spelldust and are able to earn up to 200 Spelldust during the event period.

• Event Attendance: By simply logging into AxE during the campaign period, players will receive 100 White Diamonds each day and one million gold if they log in seven times.

• Event Mission: For the final reward players will be granted the highly sought after Mythic Spiritstone.


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