AxE: Alliance vs Empire update adds pets and beginner’s server

AxE: Alliance vs Empire update

Nexon's mobile MMORPG AxE: Alliance vs Empire just got a new content update. This introduces a new pet system where you can get a cute companion to join you in your quest and boost your stats. You can get a lovely cat or dog, or go for an alluring dragon.

New AxE players are now able to join a new player server that grants them a nice boost, with extra gold and bonus rewards to get things going.

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Here is a list with the new AxE features:

• Pets – Ranging from cute to cool, pets come in different varieties of colors and boost a randomly assigned stat type, such as attack, defense or healing. To celebrate the arrival of the new system, all players will receive one free pet and can gain others as rewards from special events or through premium currency.

• New Regions – A new open-world location ripe for exploration: Valley of Corruption.

• New Player Server – Players who are beginning their journey in AxE will welcomed to a server that will help immerse them in the MMORPG as well reward them with extra gold and other goodies.

• Level Cap Increase – An increased level cap will have players battling to earn more experience to reach all-new level of 100.

• Brand New Costume – Players can now collect the stylish Noble costume set for their heroes.

AxE: Alliance versus Empire is available via App Store and Google Play.



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