Bai Winchester is the new Closers character in Korea

Bai Winchester new Closers character

Bai Winchester is a new Closers character that was released a couple of days ago in Korea. Developer Naddic Games keeps on adding to the original roster, with Bai being the fourth member of the Wildhüter team.

Each Closers team has five members and we are very familiar with the WolfDogs and the Black Lambs. Bai Winchester is a mystic that uses a blade of the ice as a weapon and she is extremely agile. Rendermax created the gameplay video below and thinks that Bai has some sort of Blade & Soul feel to her, with the floating swords and the Chinese fighting style. She is very suited for aerial combat, so much that the camera movement during her skills can be slightly disorienting.

We are yet to see the first member of the Wildhüter team in En Masse's western version of Closers, and I'm betting that Wolfgang Schneider is going to be the one.

Bai Winchester new Closers character

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