Bandai Namco’s anime online RPG Blue Protocol shows combat gameplay

Blue Protocol combat gameplay

Bandai Namco is extremely active when it comes to marketing its upcoming online anime RPG Blue Protocol. This ambitious game is shaping up to be one of the best of its kind, unless something goes completely wrong along the way.

We featured Blue Protocol in our latest Top 10 Best Upcoming Anime Online Games 2019~2020. Not only it looks great, Blue Protocol being a free-to-play RPG isn't entirely out of the equation – Bandai Namco is publishing Bless Unleashed as a free-to-play MMORPG, and has already released other games within the same business model. Rise of Incarnates and Supernova are just two examples.

Bandai Namco is very vocal on Twitter for Blue Protocol. One of its latest tweets was comprised of Blue Protocol combat gameplay, with less than 30 seconds of action featuring the Aegis Fighter. You know, the one with the larger than life sword and a shield.

It's comforting to see that this is action combat, with rolls, dashes and shield blocking. How it will play out when a few friends are in the same fight with you is something that we'll have to discover at another time.

In related news, the Blue Protocol closed alpha sign-ups have just closed. It's not that important for you if you're not in Japan, but I guess it's worth noticing because the winners will be announced on July 22 and the alpha begins on July 26 through July 28. This means that we should see some proper gameplay footage soon enough, unless there is a big, bad NDA in place.

Blue Protocol is a PC exclusive that was announced for Japan. We've had a few glimpses of its character creation system (here, and the “sexy female character creation” as well – Bandai Namco's words, not ours). Although there is nothing official as of yet, the plan seems to be to bring Blue Protocol to the rest of the world.

Watch the Blue Protocol combat gameplay below.

(Thanks to MonkeyDFreecs for the tip)

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