Bandai Namco no longer publishing Supernova, is it alive yet?

Supernova online rts game

We haven't heard from Supernova in ages; in fact, even the official Facebook page wasn't updated since May 2016, leaving us and most likely everyone else thinking that the game was abandoned and canceled.

But apparently, Supernova is still alive… sort of. Publisher Bandai Namco has just issued a short statement saying that as of August 20, 2018, they will no longer be publishing Supernova – as if there was a lot of publishing going on in the last couple of years. The official site and Facebook page are going away as well, with the new (old) Supernova page being the one from developer Primal Game Studio.

Does this mean that Supernova is coming back with full steam or is this just the confirmation of a predictable death? We'll see in a month or two.

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