Battle Breakers is Epic Games’ Destiny Child… sort of

Battle Breakers

Epic Games isn't just about big-budget free-to-play productions such as Paragon and Fortnite. They have a team working on a small game called Battle Breakers for mobile devices and PC.

Battle Breakers was announced earlier this year, but for some reason we skipped it. We're pretty sure that it was due to the fact that it seemed destined to mobile devices, with no PC version in sight. Now, we want to correct that misstep by introducing this game to you, unwary readers that also missed it at the time.

Battle Breakers is a free-to-play 2D sci-fi fantasy turn-based RPG that is powered by Unreal Engine 4 – simply because why not? It's pretty much a collectible kind of game, where you recruit heroes to take on the monsters that get in your way. You can expect hundreds of heroes including techno ninjas, futuristic female soldiers, archers, mages, dinosaurs, ferocious beasts and more. It's curious to notice that the female characters go by the eternal RPG armor rule of “the less it covers, the more effective it is”. Eye candy, in other words.

The heroes are animated in the familiar style of mobile games, and particularly of Destiny Child's Live2D technology, only less… revealing. It still looks good, in a “zany 80’s Saturday morning cartoons” kind of way, as Donald Mustard, Worldwide Creative Director at Epic Games said.

Battle Breakers was expected to release late 2017 on PC, Android and iOS devices, and it supports cross-platform play. However, there's still no sign of launch, and no real updates since around E3 2017. Let's hope Epic Games comes up with something good soon, despite Paragon and Fortnite taking most of their time.

Take a look at the only official Battle Breakers video available yet, and an unofficial gameplay video. Register to know when the game becomes available.


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