Battle Royale Darwin Project goes free-to-play, but this is a good one

Darwin Project goes free-to-play

Darwin Project is a fairly new Battle Royale contestant, still in Early Access, and developer Scavengers Studio is taking a huge leap of faith by making it free-to-play. Don't worry though; this is a good game, not a quick cash grab, if we consider the ‘very positive' reviews from thousands of players on Steam, and the decent player base.

There has to be some kind of catch, you must be thinking. Well, there is a reason for this move, as the last thing that the developers “want to do is let those passionate players down”. So, when the core players “report longer queue times and difficulty finding matches in lesser populated servers”, the decision was made to remove the price tag altogether. If you bought the game already, you'll get the Founder’s Pack containing 2 Legendary sets, 3 Legendary Axes, 3 Legendary Bows, a full jumpsuit collection, and 5 Fan Gifts on April 24.

Don't fret though, the developers reiterate that they are committed to the original vision for Darwin Project, and they will never sell items that offer competitive advantages. They sure sound a lot more confident than the folks from Bless Online.

Darwin Project takes place up north, at a time where an impending ice age gives rise to… no, not White Walkers, Game of Thrones fans, but to a twisted reality show where ten contestants fight for supremacy, while another player takes the role of the Show Director, having control of bombs, zone closures, gravity storms and more.

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