Battle Royale game H1Z1 is launching on PlayStation 4 next month

H1Z1 free to play

Ready for another dose of Battle Royale? This time it's H1Z1, probably one of the first games of the latest Battle Royale fever, that is making its way to PlayStation 4.

Daybreak will release H1Z1 on PS4 in May 22, the date when the open beta launches. You can already sign up for the beta. H1Z1 brings some interesting features to the PS4, including revamped UI and inventory screens more suited to a controller. The HUD was simplified and the PS4 version won't include a crafting system. Several other mechanics were reworked in order to provide faster paced gameplay.

H1Z1 recently added the Auto Royale mode to the PC version, and went (back) free-to-play at the same time.

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