Shooter BATTLECREW Space Pirates is releasing as free-to-play

battlecrew space pirates free

Multiplayer online shooter BATTLECREW Space Pirates is about to officially launch on July 10 and it's going to be free-to-play. This game from Dontnod Eleven (a Dontnod sister studio, makers of the colossal hit Life is Strange) entered early access late January 2017 but never managed to amass a decent playerbase, despite its positive reviews. In recent months, the number of players was scarily low, to say the least.

Starting July 10, you'll be able to download BATTLECREW Space Pirates on Steam for free. Everyone who played BATTLECREW before July 10 will get a Deluxe Edition of the game which includes 24 exclusive Pirate skins. Those who already own the game can play with no limitation and offer credits to friends, while the free version offers the full game content and each day you'll receive a set number of game credits.

Hopefully going free will boost the BATTLECREW Space Pirates, but competition is tough and, above all, with the appeal of fully realized 3D worlds. Overwatch (not free, but the shooter to beat), Paladins and Warframe are some of the biggest hero shooter games out there right now.


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